Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Vista-print Freebie!

I love Vista-print and I absolutely love their wonderful freebies! This idea came from a fellow teacher who is more super creative! Miss Kane came up with the wonderful idea to utilize their "free" business cards as a means of creating super cute homework passes! I'm so lucky to have such creative friends.

Vista-print offers 250 free business cards with specified deigns on their website. They allow you to choose from the designs ( there is actually a ton of them to choose from, so don't worry) and all you need to do is pay the shipping cost. I think all together mine came to around 8 dollars. In my opinion it is completely worth it for such adorable homework passes! I feel like they will last for quite awhile. 

I love the way that Miss Kane worded these homework passes so that the teacher can specify when  the homework passes can be used. We wouldn't want students coming in the classroom with a homework pass stapled to a research project we have worked on all month long. I also really appreciate the idea of homework passes as a reward. I am a firm believer in completing ones work. After all, practice is an imperative step in learning! However, so often we get in the habit of giving our students food- related incentives. It is nice to be able to offer them a break from an assignment every once-and-a-while!

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