Saturday, September 14, 2013

Picture books to Teach Writing

This week at school, we began to teach writing! It is always a fun experience to introduce a new subject at the beginning of the year to a new group of students. Every student learns differently and it is important to remember that as a teacher, it is our job to make sure we cater to each child's needs. 

I began by introducing the first of the 6+1 writing traits; ideas. I have worked on this particular trait all week, and I plan on moving on to figurative language this week.
My mind has been hard at work thinking of the best way to introduce things like idioms, similes, and other things that make writing so spectacular! I decided I would use picture books to introduce some components of figurative language.

I went on a bit of a Amazon shopping spree. If you have Amazon prime, it can be a wonderful and affordable way to get great books quickly and for a great price. Today, they came in the mail! I curled up with my Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte and read through them today! I love every single one.

Happy Fall ya'll!

I ordered the following books:

Misery Is a Smell In Your Backpack: This is an adorable book! The author goes through the pages of the book showing many takes on the term "misery". Many of these examples will get your class giggling because they are so relatable! I plan on using this book to teach details. This author does a great job with painting a picture and that is exactly what I plan on using it to teach!

Ralph Tells a Story: This is a book that tells of a problem so many of us have encountered at one time or another in our lives, having nothing to write about! Poor Ralph searches all over for an idea. Little does he know ideas are all around him! I will use this lesson to delve into the 6+1 trait of ideas. It is a wonderful tool.

My Best Friend is as Sharp as a Pencil: This book is great for teaching similes. In this story, a little girl tries to tell her grandma about her day at school but her grandma always asks so many questions! She decides she will make it crystal clear by using similes. This book is not only filled with wonderful similes, but also beautiful illustrations. I truly enjoyed reading this book myself and I can't wait to share it with my kiddos!

My Momma Likes to Say: I love this book for teaching idioms! It's packed full of adorable idioms that every grandma, grandpa, mom, or dad has said at one time or another. I love that every idiom is accompanied by an adorable larger-than-life illustration that depicts the idiom perfectly. Can you guess which idiom the cover depicts?

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