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Students Will Be Able To. This simple message gets students so pumped to learn at the beginning of every lesson! Watch the video in the link below to learn how to use this awesome technique to teach your students their learning goal of the lesson. 

*It is at about 3:18 in the video*

Click Here for SWBAT Instructional Video!

Weekly Lesson Organization 
I am very big into organization. One of things I feel is most important is planning ahead! I love having my lessons planned weeks in advance so I can spend time really thinking deeply about them. It gives me time to add my own personal touch to things. I love having all of my materials for the week laid out ahead of time. It makes the classroom run so smoothly and when I have a student come up to me and say "I will be gone until Friday." It's no big deal!

*The magnetic pockets are from Lakeshore Learning*

Baseball Diamond Behavior Management

In my classroom, my kiddos are BIG into sports. I mean they love anything sports related. I try to incorporate it in to many things that we do and they respond so wonderfully to it! I decided that classroom management would be a great way to incorporate this theme as well.

I created a class-wide baseball game. Each week, we set a goal of the number of "runs" we will complete. If we make it around the bases and complete these runs, then we earn FUN FRIDAY! 

Every time the students do something as a class that exceeds my expectations, I walk up to the board and move the magnetic baseball one base. Let me tell you, this works magically. If I walk up the board anywhere near the baseball diamond, they are completely silent. Sometimes, I stroll by if they need a little reminder to keep their voices down or to be on task. 

If they do something that is acknowledged by another teacher (walk quietly in the hall, help a peer, or have a very successful special) we earn an entire run. The students have really taken to "getting noticed" and making me proud inside and outside of our classroom.

I love that this system can be altered week by week. If we have a half-day or a shortened week, our goal might be lower. It we easily obtained last weeks goal, I might bump it up. It makes a great basis for conversation as well!

I love this system because it is SO relevant to my students. They get excited about their "score" and are proud to make it around those bases!

Football Field Behavior Management

Similar to the baseball diamond, the football field serves a very similar purpose in the classroom. It is used in the same exact way as the baseball diamond above, only instead of runs they earn yards. When they make it to the end zone they earn a touchdown!

Different than the baseball diamond, this method of management can be adjusted for negative behavior as well. The students can earn "interceptions" and can move backwards on the field.

It is up to a teachers discretion as to where the students start on the field. In a real football game, students would start on the 50 yard line and make it to the end zone. However, in this game, students could start all the way on the other side in the other end zone and need to work their way down to the other end.

It is a fun and effective way to manage your classroom! 

Compliment Jar

I got this idea from a college of mine while I was subbing in our building after student teaching. It is a wonderful tool to use in the classroom and a really great way to boost classroom teamwork.

The way this works is every time another teacher or staff member gives your class a compliment, a pom pom goes into the jar! When the jar fills, the students receive a very special reward. This feat might take all year long! It is a great way for the students to work together and strive to be their very best. 

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