Sunday, September 29, 2013

Personification Mobiles

Oh how I love to teach my students to be better writers! I love watching them blossom into better writers as the year progresses. I absolutely love taking time to read their wonderful writing.
Since my last post, we have been working on adding some figurative language to our writing to make it more intriguing to our audience. My students never seize to amaze me because they are SO good at it!

On Friday, we introduced the idea of personification. This can be such a fun lesson to teach and my students truly had a strong grasp on it before I taught it! They were already asking me if they could add personification to their writing at the beginning of the week- my little over-achivers.

So when I sat down to lesson plan, I was faced with a challenge. How can I engage the students fully into something they already have a strong grasp on? Then it came to me. I needed to create a little competition. We went to work creating personification mobiles.

We began by talking about personification and creating a brainstorm on our board. I love to play actual storm sounds in the background while we fill our whiteboard with all of our wonderful ideas. After we had many ideas on the board, I passed out a paper plate, a hole punch, and a stack of brightly colored paper. I told them they would  have until lunch to fill their personification mobile with as many personified phrases as they could think of. At lunch, I would tally them up and the winner would be awarded with a homework pass! 

My kiddos went straight to work! Every single one of them was engaged. I loved walking around the classroom and listening to their cooperation and ideas. My winning table got a total of.....*drumroll please*...... 42 personified phrases! Kudos to my creators.

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