Thursday, September 5, 2013

Numbers in my Life : Open House Wall Display

Well today was open house! It was wonderful to get to meet all of the students parents. We are really lucky to have a great group of parents in our school who are so invested in their children's education. 

With open house comes introductions, classroom tours, Power Point making, and classroom decorating! 

The second day of school, we began a project called "Numbers in my Life". This idea was found on Pinterest and we LOVED it and decided it would be a great fit for our classroom. The project was centered around the idea of numbers surrounding us EVERYDAY! Our world is full of numbers and some are very important to us. 

We discussed numbers that are important in our individual daily lives. For example, I have one sister so the number one might be important to me. Another example might be the number two; the number of bones I've broken. The intriguing thing about this project is everyones numbers turned out so different from one another. One of the boys in our class raised his hand as stated that fifty-three was an important number to him because that is the maximum number of pitches a pitcher can make in a little league game. Fifty- three; a number that would have no significance to me, but to this boy was a big deal!

Here's what mine looked like: 

We had the students write their name on poster board that was supplied. The poster boards were cut all different sizes and were all different colors. It wanted each child's poster to be as unique as them!
I wanted to put something up in our hallway for our parents to see when they came for open house. I decided that the giant blank wall between our two classrooms would be a magnificent place to create a bulletin board! I put a phrase in the center of the board;" Lots of numbers are important, but there is only one me!" It is a floor to ceiling wall display!

I think it turned out great! Its such a pop of color in our hallway and has really grabbed the attention of passerbys' who LOVE to read about each child's unique numbers. The students' are quite proud of their work and so am I!

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