Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thirty-one Utility Tote Organization

One thing about teaching is for certain, it requires organization. We all know that a few paper clips can work miracles people. However, when the stacks of paper get a wee-bit higher than what a clip can conquer, we might need to call in some reinforcements!

So, I was invited to a Thirty-one party at a fellow teachers house. Teachers, Thirty-one bags, organization, what more can a girl ask for?

At this party I purchased a large utility tote in a basic grey color.  I just love that this tote is filled with pockets to put everything from Post-it notes to pencils. 

The bag I purchased can be found here:

As many of us have seen, Pinterest offers many options as to how to add hanging file folders to this type of bag! I did just that with my own spin on things! 

I decided I wanted a way to file papers that needed to be copied , filed, graded, etc.. As well as a way to copy ALL off the worksheets and lesson materials I will need for the week. Oh the organization! Be still my heart ... 

You will need .....

- A hanging file basket from Office Max. I opted for a clear one because of my bag color.
- A box of hanging file folders from Office Max. For the larger "day of the week folders" I hit up the Target dollar section and snagged some file folders in some ADORABLE patterns. 
- Labels for hanging file folders from Office Max
- The large utility tote from Thirty-one.  The Collegiate collection tends to be most plain; I chose the grey.

- Patterned scrapbook paper to print the labels on. Note: this requires setting your printers paper settings to a different type of paper to avoid a paper jam.

I found this last step added a bit of dimension that made the bag unique . Since I opted for such a plain pattern, this really made the bag pop!  Using unique fonts can have a similar effect.

I have had this bag for less than a month now and it has already proven itself useful! I have already found myself creating letters home, name tags, and other printables and shoving them into the "to copy" folder. I absolutely adore that everything has a place. 

I plan to fill the bags pockets with all sorts of teaching supplies as the year begins. So many pockets, so little time! 

Create and stay organized friends!