Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Goals in Sight

Ahh what a day! I don't think there is any feeling comparable to walking into a classroom that is absolutely empty, and in a few magical weeks, transforming into a space to inspire young minds! It may be one of my favorite parts of the job.

Today, I created a goals bulletin board. I half got this idea off Pinterest/ half tweaked it to fit my class' needs. 

We have daily classroom meetings in room 10! I love this. It brings us together and lets the students know they are a part of a team! 

I created this board to remind my friends what goals we have set for the week, the day, and even the month! I love that this board isn't limited to just curriculum. I can already imagine using this board to set goals for teamwork, behavior, and even longer term goals. My brain is full of ideas! 

I plan on using it like the following example:

Today we will: complete our study guide for chapter 7 of math.

So we can: ace our math exam on Friday!

We will know we have it when: we can show off our smarts in the review game! 

* Note: I changed the last portion from the idea on Pinterest  from "I" to "we". This is a personal preference only because we will be using it as a classroom set of goals.

Although this board is simple, I love its functionality! I'm getting that back to school excitement! 

Continue to inspire <3


  1. Has this worked well in your room?

  2. and what are the materials that you used to to do this board_?

  3. What did you use to make the board?

  4. How did you create the lettering on the bulletin board? Thank you for sharing!