Thursday, August 22, 2013

Teacher/ Student Tool Kit

I do indeed love a well-labeled, well-organized, and orderly classroom! I love leaving the room at the end of the day and knowing that everything has a place. Walking into a clean classroom in the morning allows you to begin your day with a clear slate; and that my friends I LOVE. 

Upon organizing the classroom this week, I decided that everything needed a place. Don't get me wrong, it does indeed have a place already. This year we decided we needed to start fresh! So I created the Pinterest famous TEACHER TOOL KIT!

For this project you will need:
A 22 or 39 drawer tool box
Scrapbook paper
Foam paintbrush

We began this journey by trudging our way up to the nearest home depot. Now, on Pinterest it says you can get the 22 or 39 drawer cabinet at Home Depot. However, Pinterest does not account for the hundreds of teachers that are rushing out to buy these exact cabinets as advertised on Pinterest. The store employee seemed to know exactly what I was looking for and explained that (to my dismay) they were out of stock.

So, onwards we went to Lowes! Here we purchased the 22 drawer tool kit.

I decided to make two of these kits; one for the students, one for the teachers desk. The students are always running up and asking for supplies. What better way to make a the classroom accessible to them then to give them the same supplies!

I found the purchased scrapbook paper from JoAnn's and cut them to size. (The labels are available on TpT, but none matched the color scheme of the classroom I am in.) I will note that it is best to decide what you want to label the drawers when you have the supplies in front of you. We found ourselves digging in our purses and searching Google in Lowe's looking for the length of a pencil. *Sigh*,You learn by experience.

Next, I Mod-podged the paper into the front of the drawers. I recommend using a foam brush to paint the glue into the interior of the drawer. Some versions tell you to tape the labels inside, but Mod-podge increases its durability. 

After a little time and a lot of glue on my fingers... the finished product!

Note: These are two toolboxes stacked on top of each other.