Sunday, August 25, 2013

Exit Slips

More creations have been in the making this weekend! With all this back to school buzz, my mind is packed full of ideas that I can't wait to explore with my class. I have been hard at work "pinning" my nights away on Pinterest. I recently came across the idea of an "Exit Slip Board". 

I have done many lessons before that have involved the use of some sort of exit ticket as a means of closure for the lesson. I think it really serves as an effective way to collect the students ideas and see what they have learned from the lesson. I know I have spent time after lessons sitting there thinking, "hmm... did that idea come across clearly?" This form of closure lets you read into the students thoughts and see exactly what they are thinking. This allows you to alter your instruction to your students needs

The great thing about this board is it allows a spot for each student to display his or her answer on a sticky note. It makes it so easy for the teacher to glance at the board and see how many are missing. You could even stick name labels or numbers on each of the squares to allow for easier identification.

Needless to say I am excited to try out my new creation! I can't wait for my students' to show what they know.

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