Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Park Sign Kiosk

What better way to get students engaged in their learning then to put them completely in charge of it? With this activity, students become tour guides and park rangers for your particular state.

We spent some time this week reviewing what we know about our great state of Michigan. The students took time to reflect upon what they have learned in third and fourth grade. It is important to recap these things and it can be a lot of fun doing so!

I wanted to do something different with the students'. I didn't want to pull out a worksheet and ask them to fill in a map of Michigan. Although these types of activities can be quite effective, my students have already learned this material and needed a refresher. I wanted a way to differentiate their learning.

I created a park sign kiosk that they would be in charge of decorating with facts and information about Michigan. Almost all of the students have been to a welcome center or a rest stop of any given state. Inside many of these locations is a kiosk that tells information and attractions about the area. I wanted them to create this for their own state! I explained that they would work in pairs to conduct research on given topics (trade, resources, attractions, bodies of water, etc...). Once complete, they would present their information to the class and we would display the kiosk in the hallway for passerby's to view.

After displaying our beautiful creation this week in our hallway, we had a visiting kindergarden class come by to learn a bit about their state! I love that my students got to see their hard work being used as a teaching tool for younger students. 

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