Sunday, October 27, 2013

Figurative Language Poster Creation

As is evident by my blog posts lately, we have been hard at work on learning how to use figurative language to enhance our writing. We have spent about a month going through the writers crafts and learning how to use them effectively. I wanted to create a means to go back and review all of these wonderful ideas, as well as a means for the students to see them in the room and pull ideas from them into their own writing. 

This idea is rather similar to the game of musical chairs. I created posters, each with a type of figurative language posted in the center. I hung the posters all over the classroom. The more you spread the posters out, the better luck you will have with this lesson. 

I broke the students up into groups of about 4 students per group. I then handed them each a marker, and instructed them to stand by a designated poster. I explained to them that this game would work a lot like musical chairs. When the music plays, they would need to write as many examples of that particular form of figurative language as they could on the poster. The key here is they must try not to repeat any on the poster. When the music stops playing, they must quickly move to the next poster. 

I even chose a "figurative language rap" song that I found on YouTube to play as the music during this activity. My students LOVED this activity and did so well with it! These posters will hang in our classroom and will be a great tool to spark ideas when they need to spice up their writing. They look great!

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