Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Veterans Day

It is so important that students learn to reflect on the things that people have done to make their life what it is today. Veterans day is the perfect day to do that. 

I run Community Service Club at our school. We have students from 1st grade all the way up to 6th grade in the club. We took the day and gave back to the people who worked so hard to protect us. We read an article, wrote letters to give to a local veterans home, and then created this masterpiece!

My students were so excited to create this! My older members worked hard at cutting out everyones hands, while my littlest raced their hands and glued them on to the flag. 

I am thrilled with how this turned out and I plan to donate it to a local veterans home after it has visited our hallway wall for a bit. They are so proud of their work and so proud of the veterans' that worked so hard for our safety. 

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