Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hamburger Paragraphs

We have been hard at work in writing this week. We have been working on our pet rock persuasive essays. I can't wait to share more about this unit with you. My student's are LOVING it.

I wanted to focus in on the creation of a "perfect paragraph"; a topic sentence, 3 details, and a clincher sentence. I really wanted them to take the time to understand how to construct this paragraph. I decided to turn it into a mini project.

We created hamburger paragraphs. What good is a hamburger without all the goodies inside of it? If you stopped by your favorite burger restaurant and they plopped down nothing but a bun on your plate, you would be pretty disappointed wouldn't you? I know I would and my students agreed. In the same respect, A burger without a bun is nearly impossible to hold together and get a good taste of. This very same idea is true in writing. I love that my smarties could relate so well to this concept. 

I had them write a sentence of their paragraph on each part of the burger. The topic sentence on the top bun, the details in the middles, and the closing sentence on the bottom bun. The results were wonderful (and adorable)!

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