Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sensory Bags: Personal Narrative Writing Activity

We are working on one of my favorite writing units; personal narratives! I feel like at this age, my kiddos have so much they want to talk about in regards to their daily lives, they just don't always know how to share it! I am thrilled to be teaching them the importance of detail in their writing. I feel that they are really starting to see the value in it.

One of the pieces we have focused on in composing our personal narratives is sensory details. I wanted to do something fun and engaging for my kiddos at this point in the year. I brought out 5 paper bags, filled them with random objects around my room, labeled them, and then presented my kiddos with a mystery! 

"I am going to walk around and let you reach into each of these bags without looking. You need to tell me whats in this bag without saying what it is. You may know what it is, you may have no idea! Either way, you need to use your sensory details and start writing!"

My kiddos went to town on this activity! We wrote a chart in our journals and left a space to brainstorm words used to describe what was in each bag. They were shocked when they learned the contents of some, and not-so-shocked when they learned others. This was an awesome and engaging lesson that had my kiddos sitting on the edge of their seats!

P.S. I was doing some quick shopping at Meijer and I came across this gem. I have been thinking about it ever since.... I need to go back and purchase this beauty. It would make a wonderful reading chair in my chevron-themed classroom. How cute is this chair?!


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