Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The End to a Long Journey

My last day of student teaching has long since come and gone. I have been quite the busy bee since then, and I have a whole lot to share with you all!

Let me begin by saying how much I miss my 5th and 6th grade kiddos. I have been back at the school subbing every day since and I still get to see them all the time, but I still miss being with them every day.

It is adorable how excited they are to see me. I am so excited to hear about their experiences and ideas. Nothing warms my heart more then when I see their faces standing in the doorway of whatever room I am subbing in. I truly miss them. It is an end to a beautiful journey, and the start of a new one.

My class truly spoiled me on my last day. I received gifts, hand written notes, and lots of love. I cried, they cried, and it was a tough day.

The following Friday, after subbing there everyday since I ended my student teaching, one child approached me and asked, "Why were you so sad to leave us if you have been back every day since?" They are wise little ones. They sure brighten my day.

One of my absolute favorite gifts that I received is a tall directors chair for my classroom. It has an owl and branches painted on it. Each of the students stamped their thumbprint and created a "leaf". Inside of the leaf, they wrote a word of encouragement or inspiration. It is ADORABLE.

I also created "owl" cooked for them my last day. It somehow became our theme. 

It was a bittersweet day that I will never forget. Onward in my journey........

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